ASTR630 Planetary Science, Fall 2012
Homework Assignment #5

Warning! Chapters 12 and 13 are swapped in the First Edition. If you are using the First Edition, read Ch. 12 and make these changes: 12.5 -> 13.2, 13.8 -> 12.8, 13.11 -> 12.11.

Read Chapter 13. Please help ASTR630 and the Astronomy Dept. by filling out your course evaluations at

1. Problem 5.3.E

2. Problem 12.5.I. Derive explicit expressions for the minumum and maximum detectable radial (toward observer) velocities. Use these velocities to derive K in Eq. 12.4. You shouldn't need to read much of Ch. 12 for this problem.

3. Problem 13.8.I. You can skip part e) in which it can be shown that a 10% change in O abundance leads to ~10% changes in chemistry ...

4. Problem 13.11.E (Optional)

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