Lecture Date
Lecture Topic
Thu. Sep. 1 Introduction to Energy Sources
Tue. Sep. 6 The Physics of Energy EES Preface: Introduction and Key Recommendations
Thu. Sep. 8 The Physics of Energy EES Chapter I: Enhancing Oil Security
Tue. Sep. 13 Hybrid Vehicles EES Chapter II: Reducing the Risks from Climate Change
Thu. Sep. 15 Carbon Credit Trading (Quiz #1) EES Chapter III: Improving Energy Efficiency
Tue. Sep. 20 Energy Units EES Chapter IV: Expanding Energy Supplies
Thu. Sep. 22 Task Forces (HW #1 due) EES Chapter V: Strengthening Energy-Supply Infrastructure
Tue. Sep. 27 Energy Policy EES Chapter VI: Developing Better Energy Technologies
Thu. Sep. 29 Energy Policy (Quiz #2) Party's Over: Introduction and Chapter 1
Tue. Oct. 4 Ecology Party's Over: Chapter 2
Thu. Oct. 6 History of Oil (Paper #1 due) Party's Over: Chapter 3
Tue. Oct. 11 Solar Decathalon Field Trip Party's Over: Chapter 4
Thu. Oct. 13 Solar Power Party's Over: Chapter 5
Tue. Oct. 18 Energy in the Future? (Quiz #3) Party's Over: Chapter 6
Thu. Oct. 20 Nuclear Power M&M: Introduction and Chapter 1
Tue. Oct. 25 Nuclear Power M&M: Chapter 2
Thu. Oct. 27 Nuclear Power (Paper #2 due) M&M: Chapter 3
Tue. Nov. 1 Nuclear Power M&M: Chapter 4
Thu. Nov. 3 Nuclear Power (Quiz #4) M&M: Chapter 5
Tue. Nov. 8 Nuclear Power M&M: Chapter 6
Thu. Nov. 10 Nuclear Power M&M: Chapter 7
Tue. Nov. 15 Nuclear Power (Paper #3 due) M&M: Chapter 8
Thu. Nov. 17 Nuclear Power (Quiz #5) M&M: Chapter 9 and Chapter 14
Tue. Nov. 22 Task Force Meetings Energies: Overview and Chapter 1
Tue. Nov. 29 Class Presentations: Coal and Policy Energies: Chapter 2
Thu. Dec. 1 Class Presentations: Renewables and Natural Gas Energies: Chapter 3
Tue. Dec. 6 Class Presentations: Nuclear and Transportation Energies: Chapter 4
Thu. Dec. 8 Task Force Discussion Energies: Chapter 5
Tue. Dec. 13 Discussion of Energies (HW #2 due) Energies: Chapter 6

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