HONR268A Sample Quiz Question

Be the professor! First circle the letter for each CORRECT statement and cross out the letter for each INCORRECT statement below (there may be several correct statements or none at all). Then, for all INCORRECT statements, cross out the part of the sentence that is wrong.

EXTRA CREDIT: If possible, provide a one or two word correction for each of the incorrect statements

Sample Question

There will be one question like this for each chapter of reading

CAFE Standards

A) Fuel economy in new vehicles is no higher now than in was in the early 1970s.
B) CAFE stands for Computed Average Fuel Efficiency.
C) To date, U.S. automobile manufacturers have always met the CAFE standards.
D) CAFE standards apply to all cars sold in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


A) False. Cross out "1970s" [1.5 points]
Extra Credit: replace with "1980s" [+0.5 point]

B) False. Cross out "Computed" and "Efficiency" [1.5 points]
Extra Credit: replace with "Corporate" and "Economy" [+0.5 point each]

C) True. [1.5 points]

D) False. Cross out "Canada" and "Mexico" [1.5 points]