ASTR610: Astronomical Instrumentation and Techniques
          Fall 2016 - Approximate Lecture Schedule
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Aug. 29
Course outline, administration, overview; General principles of the detection of radiation
Aug. 31
Direct detection 1 
Single and multiplexed optical detectors; responsivity, dark current, background (and flat-fielding, dark/bias measurements)
Sept. 5
Labor Day -- no class
Sept. 7
Direct detection 2
Photon detectors; High energy detectors: solid state, scintillation, gas, Cherenkov
Sept. 12
Direct detection 3
Bolometers and calorimeters from the submillimeter to X-rays
Sept. 14
Coherent detection 1
Heterodyne receivers: amplifiers, mixers, sidebands, dB, dBm, etc.
Sept. 19
Coherent detection 2
Signal to noise ratios, radiomteter equation, noise cascade
Sept. 21
Statistics 1
Refresher: Distributions: binomial, Poisson, Normal, chi-squared;  Measures: mean,  standard deviation, standard error estimate, error propagation
Sept. 26
Statistics 2
Application to noise: source-, background-, and quantum limited detection; Hypothesis testing and confidence limits
Sept. 28
Statistics 3
The Bayesian approach
Oct. 3
Statistics 4
An introduction to exploring distributions with MCMC techniques
Oct. 5
Optics 1
Geometric optics, ray tracing.  Optical layouts for X-ray, prime focus, Cassegrain, Gregorian, Nasmyth telescopes
Oct. 10
Optics 2
Diffraction and introduction to Fourier optics
Oct. 12
Fourier series and transforms 1
Introduction, definitions, basic principles and limits
Oct. 17
Fourier series and transforms 2
Transform theorems and their applications
Oct. 19

Oct. 24
Fourier series and transforms 3
Sampling, aliasing, convolution
Oct. 26
Fourier series and transforms 4
The FFT, spectra and filtering
Oct. 31
Optics 3
Filled aperture telescopes: beams, point spread functions, tapered illumination
Nov. 2
Optics 4
Aperture phase, adaptive and active optics
Nov. 7
Interferometry 1
Introduction to interferometry
Nov. 9
Interferometry 2
Phased and multiplying arrays: from Michelson to Ryle
Nov. 14
Interferometry 3
Synthesis arrays and earth rotation
Nov. 16
Interferometry 4
Imaging, deconvolution of incompletely sampled data
Nov. 21
Spectral analysis 1
Overview, colors, filters, prisms, calorimeters
Nov. 23
Thanksgiving break -- no class
Nov. 28
Spectral analysis 2
Gratings, echelles, filter banks
Nov. 30
Spectral analysis 3
Fabry-Perot, multi-layer reflectors and anti-reflection coatings, microwave filters
Dec. 5
Spectral analysis 4
Fourier transform spectrometers, correlators
Dec. 7
Gravitational wave detection
Dec. 12
Frames of reference: velocities, times, and so on

Dec 17