Cave stellarum observatorem!

Corky: August 28, 1988 - June 24, 2002

Corky was my first dog, a "Yorkshire Rat Terrier." That's a cross between a Yorkie and a Rat Terrier, which is basically like a Jack Russell mutt. He sure looked like a Jack Russell, especially as a pup.

When he got something he wasn't supposed to have, he'd come flying out the hallway (it was usually one of my stuffed animals) and dive under the couch, until that day when he was too fat to fit under it anymore. He then used the computer desk as his hideout.

He loved sitting on the back porch, looking out under the bottom railing.

Sometimes, even after all this time, I still think I see him for a brief instant at the top of the steps when I go home, waiting to greet me. He was a great dog, even if he was a bit quick to let you know you'd made him mad.

Look at those bat ears!