Jonathan Fraine
Staff Research Scientist

Space Telescope Science Institute

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My research involves discovering the chemistry in the atmospheres of foreign worlds, called Exoplanets. Exoplanets that fortuitously pass between their host star and the Earth allow a tiny-tiny fraction of starlight to pass through their upper atmosphere, and we use this to unveil the physics on the diverse multitude of planets in our galaxy.

I am a Staff Research Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) working with both the NIRISS and NIRCam instrument teams for the James Webb Space Telescope. I investigate exoplanet atmospheres from the ground (Magellan) and space (Hubble). At STScI, I study the efficacy of using the NIRISS and NIRCam instrument on the soon-to-be launched James Webb Space Telescope. By characterizing the detector before launch, we can optimize the use of the NIRISS and NIRCam detectors for exoplanet, atmospheric observations. I also make predictions for the best use of both the NIRISS and NIRCam instruments to capture the primary goals of exoplanet atmospheric research, to constrain the planet formation process in a greater context, to inform astrobiological studies and searches, and to undersand our own existence in that framework.

photo credit: mike wong
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