Ke Fang

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About me

I am an Einstein Fellow working at Stanford University. My research aims at understanding the Universe through its energetic messengers, including ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, gamma rays, and high-energy neutrinos. I observe these astroparticles using the world's largest telescopes, study their theory by numerical simulations, and build next-generation experiments to better pin-point their origins.

Below are some selected publications from my three directions of research. The full list can be found on arXiv and ADS.


Very high energy particle acceleration powered by the jets of the microquasar SS 433
     HAWC Collaboration, K. Fang as a main author     Nature (2018)

A New Method for Finding Point Sources in High-energy Neutrino Data
     K. Fang & M. C. Miller     ApJ (2016)

Future experiments

The Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection (GRAND): Present and Perspectives
      K. Fang for the GRAND Collaboration     ICRC proceedings (2015)

Identifying Ultrahigh-energy Neutrino Sources with Future Detectors
     K. Fang, K. Kotera, M. C. Miller, K. Murase, F. Oikonomou     JCAP (2016)