Krista Lynne Smith

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, and got my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
While I was there, I became interested in the confluence of extreme physics across all wavebands in the central regions of active galaxies, and dove into optical spectroscopy and database analysis of the huge AGN sample in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. After obtaining my astronomy degree, I stayed at the University of Texas for several months to explore rotating disk signatures, before moving on to my graduate studies at the University of Maryland and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. I love travelling for my research, and am especially fond of traditional observing runs at large telesocpes! I frequently travel to Arizona for the Discovery Channel Telescope, and have also used telescopes at McDonald, Lick, and Palomar observatories.
Outisde of research, I am an avid amateur chef! I love cooking elaborate meals and exploring new cuisines and flavors, especially Indian and Thai. I love to hike and run, and I am training for my first triathlon this coming May (2016)!
I am also a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan and devourer of space opera novels. Finally, I am a devout follower of the Dallas Cowboys and will not be persuaded otherwise.
I live in downtown Washington, DC with my boyfriend Rehan and my Japanese Chin, Sakei.

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