Kinematic Spectral Signatures of Binary AGN

Double-peaked profiles of the [O III] 5007 emission line in three SDSS active galaxies.

Since most binary AGN candidates have been discovered serendipitously, the development of a large sample of such objects requires the development of a systematic search method. To this end, we conducted a visual search of SDSS spectra for objects exhibiting a double-peaked profile in the [OIII] 5007 emission line. The final sample consists of 148 candidates. We also explored other potential causes of this double-peaked profile, including radio jets and rotating gaseous disks. In the end, we found that our double-peaked profile exhibited a 33% higher radio detection rate than the parent sample, indicating that the presence of radio jets can seriously contaminate candidates in such a search. Additionally, several of our candidate binary AGN have been confirmed by AO imaging by collaborators.

Please see the papers here:
  • A Search for Binary Active Galactic Nuclei: Double-peaked [O III] AGNs in the SDSS
  • Double-peaked Narrow-line Active Galactic Nuclei. II. The Case of Equal Peaks
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