KSwAGS: The Swift Survey of the Kepler Field

Swift X-ray image (left) and X-ray contours on the optical DSS image (right) of a newly-monitored Kepler blazar.

Kepler and K2 provide the highest quality photometry that has ever been obtained in astronomy. Although it was designed to search for faint exoplanet signals, there are many other fascinating targets in the sky exhibit astrophysically important optical variability. In order to find such targets for Kepler and K2 to monitor, I have led an X-ray survey of four modules of the original Kepler field and one module in K2 fields 4 and 8 using the Swift X-ray and UV telescopes. The final sample contains 93 bright X-ray sources, both active galaxies and a variety of X-ray bright stars.

Please see the paper here:
  • KSwAGS: A Swift X-ray and UV Survey of the Kepler Field. I.
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