ASTR 330: Solar System Astronomy

Fall 2000

Student Oral Reports

Each student is expected to make one oral presentation to the class. Normally this will be an oral version of one of the required written reports, unless specific alternatives have been arranged in advance with Professor A'Hearn. The talks will generally take place somewhere near the middle of a regular class on days as assigned below. At the beginning of class, the student should provide the instructor with a copy of the article on which the talk is based.

The talk should be aimed at your classmates. It should describe the content of the article and it should discuss the significance of the article and the quality of the article. The presentation should take 5 minutes and your classmates are encouraged to ask questions after the presentation. Grading is based on whether your presentation clearly describes the content of the article at a level appropriate for your classmates and whether it indicates your understanding of the material and its importance and relevance.

Assignment of dates for the oral presentation will be made in order of receipt of a request for a specific date, beginning at end of class on Tuesday, 19 September. After that time, you may request a date in person or by email from Ms. Linda Diamond, room CSS 2337. There are somewhat more opportunities listed than there are students in the class, so presentations will be limited to one per class.

Schedule for Presentations

Th, 21 Sep:     Tim Davis
Tu, 26 Sep:
Tu, 03 Oct:
Th, 05 Oct:
Tu, 10 Oct:
Th, 12 Oct:     Paul McClellan
Tu, 17 Oct:     Monique Koppel
Th, 19 Oct:
Tu, 24 Oct:
Tu, 31 Oct:     Tommy Simmons
Th, 02 Nov:     Manan Dalal
Tu, 07 Nov:     Navid Golpayegani
Th, 09 Nov:     Dave Cohen
Tu, 14 Nov:     Jessica Poppe
Tu, 21 Nov:     Scott Alexander
Tu, 28 Nov:     Tran Nguy
Th, 30 Nov:     Joseph Simons
Tu, 05 Dec:     David Hintz
Th, 07 Dec:     Soraya Grieser
Tu, 12 Dec:     Stephen Baxter

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