ASTR 688P: Planetary Science
Homework Assignment 7
Fall 2008

Prof. M. F. A'Hearn
Due: Wed, Dec 3

  1. Text problem 8.8
  2. Text problem 8.9
  3. Text problem 8.16
  4. Text problem 9.4
  5. Text problem 9.6
  6. Consider observing an asteroid belt around another star, using the results from the previous problem:
    1. What is the optimum wavelength for observation? Would this be better done from space or from the ground?
    2. What is the surface brightness of the asteroid belt if seen face on?
    3. Compare the brightness of Earth to that of the integrated brightness of the asteroid belt at this wavelength (the comparison is independent of distance, although the individual fluxes are not).
  7. You wish to independently analyze photometric data to determine rotation periods of asteroids. Go to the Small Bodies Node of PDS at to find appropriate data.
    1. Choose one asteroid and determine the rotational period.
    2. Summarize the challenges in trying to find and use these data.