ASTR 695: Research Seminar for First-Year Graduate Students


This course is intended primarily for new graduate students in astronomy, both to provide an introduction to the breadth of the research that is being carried out in the department and to identify specific topics that can be chosen for second-year research projects. The course is also useful to students who may be searching for a thesis project or who want to find out more about the research being done by particular members of the faculty. The seminar will be continuous over both semesters. All first-year graduate students are expected to participate in both semesters while more advanced students are also welcome.

All first year students (and anyone else interested), should sign up for ASTR 695, section 0101, 1 credit, grading option S/F in both semesters of their first year. First year grad students unable to sign up for ASTR 695 because they are otherwise registered for the maximum number of credits should attend the seminar without registering.

This schedule will be updated regularly as faculty choose the days on which to meet with the seminar. Where links are given to individual names, these links will give you either suggested readings or references to recent work by the speaker or a suitable description of the speaker's work.

Fall 1997 Schedule

Tuesdays, 1700-1800, CSS 1224

Spring 1998 Schedule

The seminar will meet on Tuesdays, 1700-1800, in the departmental conference room, CSS 1224.

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