Postdoctoral Position with Deep Impact Project

Note later deadline (1 Aug) compared to original announcement due to travel conflicts.

A postdoctoral position as a Research Associate is available with the Deep Impact project, a mission in NASA's Discovery Program to excavate a crater in a cometary nucleus and to observe the morphology and spectra of the event. Excavation of subsurface material is aimed at understanding, in addition to basic physical properties, evolutionary differences between the highly evolved surface and the much less evolved interior. Details of the mission and links to the members of the science team are available at .

The position is intended to start in late 2003 and last through the summer of 2006, the end of the one-year data validation period after the encounter. Excellent skills in data processing are essential, as is a motivation to interpret the results from the mission. One key task will be development of analysis tools in IDL for handling the data from the mission. Scientific areas of interest can include all aspects of the mission. Overlap with and complementarity to skills of people currently working on the project will be considered. We note that areas in which expertise or interest appears particularly useful at this time include observational investigations of the impact from Earth, interpretation of in situ spectroscopy of the coma, and interpretation of Earth-based (including Earth-orbital) spectra of comets. However, the field of interest is secondary to the ability to develop appropriate analysis tools. A Ph.D. in a relevant field is a prerequisite.

Applications received by 1 August will receive full consideration but later applications may be considered. Application should include a CV (with publication list), a short statement of scientific interests and their relevance to the Deep Impact project, and the names and addresses of 3 referees from whom letters have been requested. Materials may be submitted either electronically or in paper form. Mail to Ms. Linda Diamond, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park MD 20742-2421 or email her . Electronic submissions should also send a copy to Prof. Michael A'Hearn. Inquiries about the work should be directed to Prof. A'Hearn and inquiries about logistics should be sent to Ms. Diamond.


Email Submission Address: Linda [at]

Mail submission address:
Ms. Linda Diamond
Department of Astronomy
University of Maryland
College Park MD 20742-2421
Telephone contact: +1 301 405 5024
Fax: +1 301 405 3538

This job is the same one that appears as a somewhat shorter announcement on the AAS Job Register number 20051.