Pictures From Aspen

Short picture descriptions, starting from upper left. Click on a picture to get a larger image.

  1. Lots of rather aggressive magpies around town!
  2. A view from the physics center.
  3. Snow on the morning of June 4. It was all gone by evening.
  4. From left: Georg Bruun, Marc Freitag, Iacopo Carusotto, and Alessandra Buonanno hike up Aspen Mountain on June 5. Not visible, because he was ahead of the group, is the speedy Melvyn Davies.
  5. The town of Aspen, as seen from the mountain looking north.
  6. The group at the top of Aspen Mountain.
  7. The snow was still melting at the top, making a rather pretty waterfall off of the restaurant.
  8. They're not kidding. This is at the top of the mountain on June 5; the restaurant was closed, the gondola wasn't running, and although it was a reasonably clear day we got down fast because we didn't feel like testing the wrath of Zeus.
  9. Hunter Creek.
  10. Taking a break on the Hunter Creek trail. From left: John Baker, Melvyn Davies, Andreas Bockelmann, Marc Freitag, and Kelly Holley-Bockelmann.
  11. A reflective moment near Hunter Creek.
In addition to the individual photos, you can see panoramas from the Ute trail and the top of Aspen Mountain.


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