Research Interests

My work has mostly been about high-energy processes associated with neutron stars and black holes. I have put together an informal guide to neutron star physics, so check it out and tell me what I should do differently!

Here is a copy of my curriculum vitae in PostScript and PDF.

Here are links to my papers on ADS (or just my refereed articles) and astro-ph

Most of those articles are mine, but there are a lot of M. Millers around!

For reprints etc., see my Scientific Publications.

In (roughly) reverse chronological order the subjects about which I've written papers are:

Details can be obtained by accessing the relevant abstracts from the astro-ph or ADS links given above. Also, be sure to check out the activities of my former graduate students Vanessa Cohen, who teaches upper school mathematics at the Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills, MD, Megan DeCesar, who is a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Mike Gill, who is a data analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton, Kayhan Gultekin, who is an assistant professor at Michigan, and Dheeraj Pasham, who is a postdoc at Goddard Space Flight Center.

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