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Lecture Date
Lecture Topic
Reading etc.
Tu. Mar. 29 Observed Properties of Stars Chapter 11
Th. Mar. 31 Physical Properties of Stars Chapter 12
Tu. Apr. 5 Nuclear Fusion and Stellar Lives Chapter 12
Th. Apr. 7 Stellar Death Chapter 12
Tu. Apr. 12 Black Holes and Neutron Stars Chapter 13
Tu. Apr. 19 Our Milky Way Galaxy Chapter 14
Th. Apr. 21 Other Galaxies Chapter 15
Tu. Apr. 26 Active Galaxies Chapter 15
Th. Apr. 28 Distances and Dark Matter Chapter 16
Tu. May 3 Hubble's Law and Cosmic Structure Chapter 16
Th. May 5 The End and Beginning of the Universe Chapter 17
Tu. May 10 Inflation, Geometry, and the Far Future Chapter 17
Th. May 12 Life in the Universe Chapter 18