bc - designate bad hardware channels for suppression by
	subsequent use of get. El those chans in stack 1.	RWW

bc 241			Declare chan 241 bad, assuming plotting in channels.
bc cl:			Clear the bad channel storage.
bc 5_6,cl:		Clear the bad chan storage, then set channels 5 and 6
			bad.  This assumes that channels are the current plot
			units. If the current horizontal plot units are
			velocity, the channels between 5 and 6 km/s will be
			declared bad.
cr;bc x(0)		Read the cursor once and declare a single bad chan.
cr,2;bc x(o)_x(1)	Read the cursor twice and set the channels between the
			two positions bad.
cr 2;bc x(0);bc x(1)	Read the cursor twice and set the two channels bad.


Bc stores a pair of hardware chan numbers (1 to 768) which get will use as
a range of chans to be replaced when a backend including those chans is
specified. If the range is not at either edge of the backend, the chans
will be replaced by the average of the chan just above the range and
the chan just below the range. If the range extends to either edge of the
backend, the one adjacent chan inside the backend will be used as the
replacement value.

Get automatically removes THE bad chan in the expander with out having to use

The bad chans are specified in current plot units. The cursor can be used
by using cr and then x(0), etc.

There is storage for 4 sets of bad chans. If the cl: flag is given, bc
clears the old bad chans before storing the new (if any). Otherwise the
new ones are added to the end of the list if there is room.

Eliminate ("el") is called by bc to fix the current stack 1.

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