cc - change center channel				Matthew Miller

cc vl:60			change the velocity to 60
cc vl:.vlsr1+5			add 5 to the current velocity
cc 115270			change the frequency to 115270 megahertz
cc .freq1+30			add 30 to the line frequency
cc oe:-.2			Change expch (and refch) so that the
				line is displayed .2 km/s lower in velocity
				without changing other header values.

Cc appropriately changes the signal and reference channels of stack 1
given a new velocity and/or line frequency.  The new velocity and line
frequency may be entered absolutely, or relative to their previous
values.  The new values are recorded in the stack header.

The 'oe:' option shifts the displayed velocity of the spectrum by changing
only the expch (and refch if freq sw data).  It is designed to correct for
an oscillator error in the observing system.  The shift from the original
expch is kept in rsdum(1).

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