dm - edit the list of macros				Matthew Miller


dm 				Run the editor specified by the EDITOR
				variable in your environment on your local
				macro file ($HOME/.LMACROS).

dm st:				Edit the foreground stacks macros file.

dm g:				Edit the global macros file.

ro p:;dm p:			list your local macros, piping the output
				through "more"

dm dt:p:"look"			list the macro "look" in the 
				background stacks macros


dm (define macro) provides a mechanism for editting the local, 
global,or stacks macro files.  By default, dm deals with the local 
macro file, but the 'g' flag may be used to access the global macro 
file. The 'st' and 'dt' flags may be used to access the macro files 
in the foreground and background stacks directories. 

This document was last updated on Tue Oct 17 16:24:05 EDT 2000 by Marc W. Pound.