gm - Graphics Manipulation


gm nb:2,2		Divide the screen into an array of 2 columns by 2 
			rows of boxes with separate plots in each

gm 0,1			Make box 0,1 be the current box for plots.  This is
			the upper left in the case of 2x2.  Columns start
			at the left, rows at the bottom.

gm sc:.8,.6		Compress the plots by a factor of .8 in x and .6 in y.
			Factors > 1 may cause troubles. 

gm df:5,,,.5,.5	fill:	Draw a filled circle (an ellipse with equal axes) at the 
                        current position. Useful for indicating beam size on 
                        a contour plot.

cr;gm ti: "Anything" x(0) y(0)
			Read the cursor, then write 'Anything' starting at the
			cursor position (in the current box).

cr;pr "(%g,%g)" .odra .oddec gs:1;gm ti:$1 x(0) y(0)
			Read the cursor, compose a message, put it on the plot

cr;gm df: 1 x(0) y(0) 2 3 Read the cursor; Draw a rectangle centered at that 

NOTE: in the three examples above, the 'X' from the cursor read doesn't appear 
on a hard copy made from that plot.

In the ti: option, a single character (except for digits) will be
centered on the position given rather than the usual comb convention of
having the center of the left boundary at the given position.  This is
a function of the comb device driver and, as of 5/91, has been
implemented for Tek terminals and postscript printers.  Some characters
have an even number of pixels and can't be exactly centered.  A string
of more than one character or a single digit will be plotted with the
usual comb convention.

For the df: (Draw Figure) option, the available shapes corresponding figure 
numbers are:

	X			0
	Rectangle   		1
	Triangle pointing up 	2
	Triangle pointing down 	3
	Cross			4
	Ellipse 		5
	Diamond 		6
	Bar (like letter "I") 	7
	Horizontal Bar  ("H")   8
	Octagon 	        9	
	Dot                    10 

Note that drawn shapes are scaled according to X and Y scales on your plot! 
Dot is equivalent of drawing any figure with zero size. The flag fill:
will make the symbols filled. Filled symbols which are the comparable
to the size of the picture may have small holes. These can be "patched"
by drawing the same symbol of a slightly smaller size on top of the
old symbol.

'gmli' and 'crli' are (identical) macros in .GMACROS to plot a line between 
two cursor points.

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