hc - make a hard copy of the current plot


hc ??		 list the available printers. "unused" in the printer
                 list indicates a currently unused printer slot.
hc		 Make a copy of the current plot on the first
		 printer on the list of available printers.

hc b:		 make a hard copy on the "b" printer. 

hc pf:"file.ps"  Write the current plot to a PostScript file called 
	         file.ps. If no name is given, the file is written to
	         to a unique filename on /tmp ('hc ??' will show the file as
		 /tmp/comb.XXXXXX -- the X's will be replaced by unique 
		 characters).  Comb will tell you the name of the file.  
		 hc tf: and hc lf: do the same thing for Tektronix and 
		 LaserJet files.

hc port:         Print out the current plot in portrait mode.


hc takes the intermediate code in the current picture and submits it to
the driver for the requested hard copy device.  The driver code is
equipped to handle 4 PostScript printers (denoted as post1, post2, post3, 
post4 in $COMB/lib/hc.lpr),  2 Imagen (imagen1, imagen2 in hc.lpr) 
and 2 HP LaserJet (III and later) printers (lj1, lj2 in hc.lpr), 
1 HP-GL printer (hpglplot in hc.lpr), and 1 Tektronix printer (tekplot in
hc.lpr).  You can also write a PostScript, Tektronix, or LaserJet file to disk.

The options land: and port: allow for landscape mode and portrait mode
printing respectively. The default is landscape. Currently portrait mode 
is available only with PostScript.

This document was last updated on Tue Oct 17 16:24:05 EDT 2000 by Marc W. Pound.