is - Interpolate a spectrum for a given position in relative coordinates


is 5 2		Make an interpolated spectrum at rel coordinates (5,2)using the
		previous interpolation radius and interpolation type.

is 5,2,1.5 ci:fwid:.25 t:
		Make an interpolated spectrum as above with an interpolation
		radius of 1.5'Arc using cone interpolation.  Use stacks
		with a filter width of .25MHz.  Set the variable .test to
		zero instead of forcing an error if no stacks are found
		within the interpolation radius, else .test = 1.


Is makes an interpolated spectrum at a given point (in relative coordinates)
much as cm and vc do for points in maps.  The resulting spectrum is put in
stacks 1 & 2.  The default interpolation type is cone interpolation and the
default radius is 0.8'Arc.  If the default filter width of 0 is left, the
filter width of the first stack which is found will be used, otherwise
the value which is given will be used.

The position in the header of the stack will have the center of the current
relative coordinate system if the location is within 10 deg of the center,
otherwise the stack will have its center position set to the true position
and the offsets set to 0.

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