lk - plot the locations of stacks


lk 10,-10,-8 5		If the relative coordinate system is odra-oddec this
			will plot an x for each stack in the area between
			+10' and -10' from the center in ra and between
			-8' and +5' from the center in dec.
lk,8,-8,-8,8,psn:	show the stack numbers at the position of each stac
			in the given area.
lk dt:			show the stack locations for the background directory,
			using the current x and y limits.

lk ps:10		use dots instead of crosses to mark positions of spectra.


Lk is a quick way to find where the observations in a stacks file are.  It
plots in the same size window as cm and can be used to make overlays showing
where the data is.  Lk normally plots a cross at the location of each stack,
but if the psn: flag is given it will plot the stack number instead (useful
only in small areas).

Lk uses the current relative coordinate system.  If a projection has
been specified with 'op', lk will use it.  SEE COMMENTS on COORDINATES
in the write up on cm.

The sn:, fr:, hlb:, vlb:, and mlb: flags have the same use as in cm.

The dt: flag allows one to see where stacks are in the background directory.

The ps: flag allows a choice of plot symbols. See 'gm ?!' for list of plot 
symbols. Dots (ps:10) or filled circles (ps:5 fill:) look nicer than crosses for 
overlaying contour maps.

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