pd - Print stack or scan data			RWW

pd		print the stack 1 header 
pd stdt:	print the stack 1 data
pd sc:		Print the scan header the current scan.
pd scdt:	Print the data of the current scan.
pd main:	Print the main header of the current scan file (only for
		BLSDF and NRAO scans).
pd sn:		Print all of the scan numbers in stack 1.
pd date:	print date and time of a stack 1. For a stack 
		consisting of co-added data, the date and time of the
		first scan in the list is printed.

Pd can be used to print header and/or data from either stack 1 or the
current scan. The default is to print the stack 1 header. The scan number
list, date of scan or main header of the scan file can also be printed.
The main header lists things that don't change with each scan, e.g., 
Telescope, IF frequency, backend type. See header documentation 
("docs", "keyw", "nrao") for more info on scan header formats and

Pd date: prints out the date in FITS format (CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss) of stack 1
For stacks created in pre-2000.0 versions of comb, there will be no date 
stored with the stack (.j2sec=0), so no date is printed out.  

This document was last updated on Tue Oct 17 16:24:05 EDT 2000 by Marc W. Pound.