th - make a temperature histogram			  MWP


th tbin:0.5			make a histogram using all channels
				and a dT of 0.5 K.

th vl:[-5,5] sn:[50,500] 	make a histogram using only channels
				between -5 and 5 km/s and stacks
				between 50 and 500. 

th logy: minx:.1		make a histogram with y in the log
				and suppressing x (temperature) values
				less than 0.1 (unscaled).


th makes a temperature histogram of number of channels between T and dT
versus T, using the foreground stacks directory. User can specify
stack limits, velocity limits, and dT. The output is a graph to the screen 
and columns of numbers to a file (default:$HOME/th.out). th also prints
some information to stdout.  Plotting y in the log does not affect
the numbers printed to the file.

Note: the stacks should be "uniqued" (using xf) before running th.

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