up - update a stacks directory					RWW


up "Stacks"			Update the stacks directory Stacks by
				regenerating the search file.

up "stacks.rev" swap:		Convert 'stacks.rev' which was made on
				an opposite 'Endian' machine to have
				the correct byte order for this machine.
				A check is made first to see if the
				bytes really should be swapped. You
				will be told the results of the test and
				asked to continue.

up "stacks" tbo:		Check to see if the bytes in these stacks
				should be swapped, but do not swap. The check 
				is made and a report is given. The bytes are 
				not swapped and the search file is not 

up "stacks.vax" fvax:		Convert 'stacks.vax' which were made on a Vax
				to work on a this machine which must be
				a BigEndian machine.

Up has three current purposes:

1) Up remakes the search file in a stacks directory.  That file is
sometimes corrupted (I believe) by having the same stacks directory
open by two instances of comb which separately update it from their
separate caches of the file.  The symptom is that 'lk' and the contouring
routines can't find some or all of the data even though the relative
coordinates are correct.

2) It converts stacks made on an opposite Endian machine to stacks which
can be used on the machine it is running on.  This works either way, but
'up' can not do the conversion from stacks which are correct on the
machine it is running on to the opposite kind.  The conversion must be
done on the receiving machine.  In this process, the files are
completely rewritten, so save a backup (the tar file used to transport
the stacks?).  

If you just wish to check if the bytes should be swapped, use up 'tbo:'. 
This will simply run the byte order check, report findings and return. 
The stacks will not be changed.

3) It converts files written on a Vax to a BigEndian machine with IEEE
floating point numbers such as Sun or HP.  If you need to convert from
a Vax to another LittleEndian machine but with with IEEE floats (Dec
Alpha), it must be done in two steps.  First convert to BigEndian (on
eg. a Sun) and then convert back to LittleEndian on the receiving
machine.  At each step the files are rewritten.  As above, save

The fhp: and fix: options are obsolete.

This document was last updated on Tue Oct 17 16:24:05 EDT 2000 by Marc W. Pound.