wu - make a plot of what's up in the sky  		RW Wilson & MW Pound


wu xl:[170,190] st:3		make a plot of whatever is transiting
				at LST 3:00. Use the default source file.

wu l:30 hr:17 fn:"mycat"        make a plot for latitude 30 degrees and
				LST 17:00, using the source file "mycat"
				in the current working directory.
wu yr:1776			See what was up a long time ago.


wu reads source name coordinates from a file (default:
$COMB/lib/stars) and plots them on the screen. The user
can specify azimuth and elevation limits, sidereal time, 
epoch, and latitude.  The format for a source catalog is

Source_Name   RA     DEC   VLSR    Epoch_of_Coords

where RA and DEC are in sexagesimal or decimal notation. This format 
may eventually change to be the same as the format used by the
AT&T-BL 7-m control program. 

The year defaults to the current year, including the fractional portion.

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