A picture of Teddi


  • vitals: 03/11/1989 - 05/24/2005, weight 55 lbs.
  • turn-ons: snoozing on furniture; watersports; barking for no apparent reason, talking on phone
  • turn-offs: stuck-up poodles; squirrels
  • favorite color: purple
  • aliases: Miss Bear, goose
Sound File: Teddi's message of the day.
Sound File: The Teddi Experiment (circa 1992)


  • vitals: 07/04/1990(?)-01/02/2004, weight 59 lbs.
  • turn-ons: bean-bag chairs; eating footwear; attacking Teddi; soccer; running
  • turn-offs: being bugged when sleeping; being bugged when eating; getting ears cleaned
  • favorite color: blue
  • aliases: Mr. Rabbit, Timmy
Sound File: Timber's message of the day.
Other pictures of Timber:
B&W in front of doghouse
On the couch
Head shot
A picture of Timber

A picture of Frosti


  • vitals: born 02/14/1996? weight 55 lbs.
  • turn-ons: the squeaky soccer ball; the pink squeaky ball; watching Animal Planet;   her boyfriend next-door, Rue;   getting head scrubbed
  • turn-offs: getting fur trimmed; getting nails trimmed
  • favorite color: red
  • aliases: Frostiberry, Scrubby-head
  • Other pictures of Frosti:
    The 2010 Snowstorm
    Cheering on the Team
An artistic picture of Frosti


  • vitals: born 12/07/2003? weight 60 lbs.
  • turn-ons: eating tennis balls
  • turn-offs: being ignored
  • favorite color: henna
  • aliases: Dobbles
  • Other pictures of Dobbi:
    The 2010 Snowstorm
    Head shot
    Crazy dog
A Picture of Dobbi