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Valluri, M.; Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D. R.; Olling, R. O.; STIS GTO Team
Dynamical modeling of M32 with stellar kinematics from STIS

Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D.; Olling, R.; Valluri, M.
Kinematical Results for NGC2841, NGC4552, and M87

1.00001/2000A  E  F                      R                              
Olling, Rob P.; Merrifield, Michael R.
Two measures of the shape of the dark halo of the Milky Way

Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D.; Olling, R.; Valluri, M.
Kinematical Black Hole Results for NGC2841, NGC4552, and M87

Valluri, M.; Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D.; Olling, R.; STIS Team
STIS Observations of the Center of M32

Olling, R. P.; Dehnen, W.
Oort's Constants Measured from the Tycho/ACT Catalogues

1.00008/1999                                R                              
Olling, R. P.; Merrifield, M. R.
The Shape of the Milky Way's Dark Halo

Olling, R.; Valluri, M.; Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D.
New Black Hole Results from STIS

Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D.; Olling, R.; Valluri, M.
The Origin of the Black Hole in M87

1.00007/1998A  E  F  G                  R  C      S                  
Olling, Rob P.; Merrifield, Michael R.
Refining the Oort and Galactic constants

1.00000/1998                                    C                          
Olling, R. P.; Merrifield, M. R.
The Shape of the Milky Way's Dark Halo

1.00000/1998                                    C                          
Olling, R. P.; Merrifield, M. R.
Refining the Oort Constants: The Case for a Smaller Milky Way

Olling, R. P.; Merrifield, M. R.
The case for a leaner Milky Way

Olling, R.
The Highly Flattened Dark Matter Halo of NGC 4244

Olling, R. P.
The Flattened Dark Matter Halos of NGC 4244 and the Milky Way

1.00008/1996A          G                  R  C      S  N              
Olling, Rob P.
The Highly Flattened Dark Matter Halo of NGC 4244

1.00008/1996A          G                  R  C      S  N              
Olling, Rob P.
NGC 4244: A Low Mass Galaxy With a Falling Rotation Curve and a Flaring Gas Layer

1.00012/1995A                                  C      S                  
Olling, R. P.
The Highly Flattened Dark Halo of NGC 4244

1.00008/1995A          G                  R  C      S                  
Olling, Rob P.
On the Usage of Flaring Gas Layers to Determine the Shape of Dark Matter Halos

1.00001/1995                                    C                          
Olling, Robert Paul
The Shape of Dark Matter Halos

Olling, R. P.; van Gorkom, J. H.
The Shape of the Dark Matter Halo of NGC 4244

Olling, Rob P.; van Gorkom, J. H.
Flaring gas layers : A tool to determine the shape of dark matter halos

1.00005/1993A                                          S  N              
Olling, Rob; van Gorkom, J. H.
The shape of the dark matter halo of NGC 4244

1.00011/1990A          G                  R  C      S  N              
Whitmore, Bradley C.; Lucas, Ray A.; McElroy, Douglas B.; Steiman-Cameron, Thomas Y.; Sackett, Penny D.; Olling, Rob P.
New observations and a photographic atlas of polar-ring galaxies

1.00003/1990A          G                  R  C      S  N              
Garcia-Lario, P.; Manchado, A.; Suso, S. R.; Pottasch, S. R.; Olling, R.
Near infrared survey of IRAS sources with colours like planetary nebulae. II

1.00000/1990                                    C                          
Garcia-Lario, P.; Manchado, A.; Pottasch, S. R.; Suso, J.; Olling, R.
Near Infrared Photometry of IRAS Sources with Colours like Planetary Nebulae

1.00000/1990A                                  C                          
Pottasch, S. R.; Ratag, M. A.; Olling, R.
Newly discovered young planetary nebulae

Lynch, D. K.; Hackwell, J. A.; Edelson, D. J.; Wesselius, P.; Olling, R.; Israel, F. P.
IRAS LRS spectra of extended objects: The Crab nebula

1.00000/1989            G                                                  
Pottasch, S. R.; Bignell, C.; Olling, R.; Zijlstra, A. A.
Planetary Nebulae Near the Galactic Center - Part One - Method of Discovery and Preliminary Results

1.00010/1988A          G                  R  C      S          X  O  
Pottasch, S. R.; Olling, R.; Bignell, C.; Zijlstra, A. A.
Planetary nebulae near the galactic center. I - Method of discovery and preliminary results

1.00003/1988            G                              S                  
Lynch, D. K.; Hackwell, J. A.; Wesselius, P.; Olling, R.; Israel, F. P.
IRAS LRS spectra of extended objects.

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