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Homework Assignments & Tests

The first assignment is "pointless" and very, very valuable. It includes the ESSENTIAL part where you sign the syllabus acknowledgement and also poses some questions to demonstrate the problem-solving and math levels I expect from this class. This is "Homework 0".

The homework and test "solutions" I provide will not always be word-for-word solutions. Frequently, they will be guidelines on how to get the answer to encourage you do it (or redo it as necessary) yourself. Whenever you are in doubt, come by during office hours. I will make every attempt to post solutions by the evening after the due date. Test solutions may take slightly longer. Be sure to check the homework solutions and verify that you understand them prior to each test!

The homework and test schedule is also found in the Lecture Schedule. Recall from the syllabus, homework assignments are not accepted late and are due at the beginning of class on the due date.


AssignmentMaterial coveredDate Due
HW #0 introductoryFeb 4th 16th
HW #1 Chs 1-3Feb 18th23rd
HW #2 Chs 4-6Mar 11th23rd
HW #3 Chs 7,8Apr 8th
HW #4 Chs 9-12Apr 27th 30th
HW #5 Chs 13,14May 11th


TestMaterial coveredDate Given
Test 1 Chs 1-3Feb 23rd25th
Test 2 Chs 4-8Apr 13th
Test 3 Chs 9-12May 4th

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