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# Lecture
Lecture Topic Reading Homework
due or
1Tu Jan 26 Course overview; problem solving techniques; the "Cosmological Principle": we ain't special all of Ch 1 
2Th Jan 28 Olbers' paradox; cosmography §2.1-2.2  
3Tu Feb 2 Wrapping up cosmography and generic discussion of wavelengths; CMB: the universe's best blackbody! Just where does the Planck spectrum come from? Glimmers of the Horizon Puzzle §2.3,4  
4Th Feb 4 * homogeneity & isotropy; redshift; Hubble's Law and not-quite-so Constant; First stab at an ingredients list; some quantum numerology and why we ♥ light soooo much §2.5 HW #0 due
5Tu Feb 9 Snowday    
6Th Feb 11 Snowday    
7Tu Feb 16 Sneaky cheats for the Friedmann equation; superluminal expansion §3.1-3.3 HW #0 due
8Th Feb 18 The "fluid" equation (or how to abuse thermodynamics); the acceleration equation §3.4-3.5  
9Tu Feb 23 A glimmer of general relativity; a more "honest" look at derivation of Friedmann equation (and why it worked); redshift and scale factor relation ( 1+z = 1/a ) §3.6 & Adv. Topic 1HW #1 due
10Th Feb 25 Test 1 Test 1
11Tu Mar 2 energy and curvature (k); solving the fluid equation; cosmological models and their abuses; first glimpse of Ωi §5.5, 6.1, 6.2  
12Th Mar 4 Of ants on balloons and telescopes which look at the back of your head; the Big Bang isn't local; Geometry in 4d; G=h-bar=c=kB=1 (and sometimes e2/4πε0=1, too!) Ch 4  
13Tu Mar 9 Finish natural units; go over Test 1; and..aha! All along we've been doing Chapter 7! Ch 7  
14Th Mar 11 The deceleration parameter; a glimpse of structure formation q0 §6.3, 7.3  
T Mar 16
Th Mar 18
Happy Spring Break!
15Tu Mar 23 The age of the universe; more structure formation: dark matter haloes and why they can't be 'cuspy'...also, they're not MACHOs... Ch 8 HW #2 due
16Th Mar 25 more structure formation and dark matter Ch 9  
17Tu Mar 30 δk and spherical overdensity turnaround (cycloid solution) special topic  
18Th Apr 1 cosmic microwave background and why you can't reheat leftovers with it Ch 10  
19Tu Apr 6 more CMB in depth A5.4  
20Th Apr 8**

wrapping up the CMB; test 2 review   HW #3 due
21Tu Apr 13 Test 2 Test 2
22Th Apr 15 The Early Universe and more natural units discussion Ch 11  
23Tu Apr 20 more early universe stuff; nucleosynthesis Ch 12  
24Th Apr 22 nucleosynthesis wrapped up    
25Tu Apr 27 Inflation; the power spectrum origin... Ch 13 
26Th Apr 29 inflation wrapped up? alternatives to inflation   HW #4 due;
(4/30 5 pm)
27Tu May 4 Test 3 Test 3
28Th May 6 The cherry on top: frontiers of cosmology Ch 14  
29Tu May 11 Final Review Everything! HW #5 due
--Thu May 13 FINAL EXAM 8-10 am in our usual lecture room CSS 0201 on Chs. 1-?

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