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T Mar 16
Th Mar 18
Happy Spring Break! While you were gone, Stacy and the Astronomy department turned over your class to me (muhahaha). Be sure to send Stacy and email wishing him a speedy recovery.
15Tu Mar 23 Intuition building about the CMB and its connection to large scale structure.   
16Th Mar 25 growth of structure formation (dark matter) First: from Navier-Stokes to Jeans mass in non-expanding background Ch 9 Kolb & Turner; Ch 15 Peacock; Peebles LSS (various)  
17Tu Mar 30 δk and spherical overdensity turnaround (cycloid solution)    
18Th Apr 1 Class organization discussion; Jeans mass in an expanding background; power spectrum HW3 available
19Tu Apr 6      
20Th Apr 8*

   email deadline for project topic
21Tu Apr 13   HW3 due; HW4 set
22Th Apr 15      
23Tu Apr 20      
24Th Apr 22      
25Tu Apr 27    HW #4 due
26Th Apr 29 Test 2 Test 2
27Tu May 4 Student presentations I    
28Th May 6 Student presentations II    
29Tu May 11 Student presentations III    

*Not to scare you, but Friday April 9th is the last day to withdraw (drop with a "W"). back

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