SDU Excursions and Social Events Spring 2014

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1st Excursion:TBD
Xth Excursion:Sat 15 Mar
-Sun 23 Mar

Our periodic trip to Arizona! You know who you are - details sent via emails so as not to make everyone else too jealous. If you missed out this time, remember to watch for the next time (2016?) as SDU alum seniors and juniors will also be eligible.

by personal email.
Nth Excursion:Fri 28 Mar
-Sun 30 Mar

Our first "solo" weekend trip to NYC! Details still being worked out, but we plan on leaving Friday noonish and returning Sunday dinnertimish.

Sites to visit include AMNH and the Met.

Included in the deposit: transportation, two-night stay in NYC and museum tix. NOT included: food and Broadway tix (though we will teach you how to get cheap tix for yourself).

Stay tuned for more details.

$TBD partially refundable deposit to secure your spot


1st Social:TBD
2nd Social:Fri 14 Mar Pi Day comes right before Spring Break this year! There outhta be some pie. Details TBD
5th Social:Thu 8 May Our usual Ice Cream Social right after the last colloquium in CCC 1205.

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