Useful Links for CPSD 100

(Shamelessly cribbed from Dr. Neal Miller's old webpage for this class.)

Unexpected random advice
General Links of Interest
Why isn't Science Respected?

The Statistics

General Pseudoscience Links
Disclaimer: These links are one-sided; I've not linked the sites of the pseudoscientists. You can find such links in the lecture notes if you are interested in checking them out.
Topical Links
(Updated as we cover them in class)
Cold Reading & Parapsychology

Katrina & Scalar Weapons

Alien Artifacts

The Apollo "Hoax"

Roswell Check the lecture notes, as there are lots of UFO websites with photos and "documents."
Ghosts See class notes for links to photo galleries...
Pseudoscience in Health & Medicine
Biblical Archaeology
Crop Circles Climate Change Links

Of definite use for the debate in Science and Pseudoscience, and alas, beyond the classroom still

Up to date climate change in the news: On the Ozone Layer Crisis: *available in SDU lounge
Last Modified: Jan 2014 subject to change