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Lecture Topic
and Tests

Unit 1

1W Jan 23 Overview of course; first exposure (pun intended) to light; c Ch 1§1,2 
2F Jan 25 speed of light; units, scientific notation, prefixes for units Ch 1§2,3,4 
3M Jan 28 history of the nature of light: partciles vs. (?) waves? waves: frequency, wavelength, velocity; the "speed of space," gravity, nuclear forces, etc. Ch 1§4, Ch 2§1 
4W Jan 30 electromagnetic spectrum (radio, infrared, microwave, visible, UV, X-ray, gamma...) energy, "r squared" law, blackbody radiation Ch 2§1-4 
5F Feb 1 shadows, eclipses (umbra, penumbra), nature of waves, law of reflection, fun with mirrors, specular vs. diffuse Ch 2§4,5
Participation #1
6 M Feb 4* plasma frequency, refraction (including index of), Snell's law Ch 2§4,5 
7W Feb 6 total internal reflection, dispersion, diamonds, rainbows and mirages Ch 2§5,6 

Unit 2

8F Feb 8 begin geometrical optics: mirror, mirror on the wall...plane or spherical Ch 3§1,2,3
HW #1
9M Feb 11 more geometrical optics Ch 3§1,2,3
HW #1
10W Feb 13 convex & concave mirrors, ray rules Ch 3§3 
11F Feb 15 on to lenses! convex (converging) lenses, diverging lenses (and ray rules!) real vs. virtual images! Ch 3§3,4 
12M Feb 18
Test on Unit 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)
13W Feb 20 finish diverging lens ray rules, power...on to Thin Lens Equations! aberrations, Fresnel lens, compound lenses Ch 3§4, Appendix E 
14F Feb 22 Daguerreotypes, basic film chemistry, pinhole camera, anamorphic art Ch 3§3-5; Ch 4§7; Ch 8 (foreshadowing) 

Unit 3

15M Feb 25 cameras: pinhole vs lensed; aperture; depth-of-field; parts of a camera Ch 2§2B, Ch 4§1,2 
16W Feb 27 shutters, lenses, "f-number", exposure Ch 4§3,4,5
HW #2
17F Mar 1 Exposure! And a little on digital cameras (uh-oh, there's nothing in the text about that!) Ch 4§6 
18M Mar 4 digital cameras; the (hairy?) eyeball! (and the evolution thereof) Ch 5§1 
19W Mar 6 SNOW DAY!
20F Mar 8
Test on Unit 2 (Chapters 3 & 6)
21M Mar 11 parts of the eye: you know what the eyelens is, but how important is it? visual acuity (it's the angle that matters!): myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, accommodation Ch 5§2 
22W Mar 13 retina, rods & cones, fovea, blind spot, optic nerve, sensitivity, process time, latency, persistence, adaptation Ch 5§3 

Unit 4

23F Mar 15 Processing the image...basic lightness perception Ch 7§1,2,3 
SPRING BREAK: Schedule below highly subject to change
24M Mar 25 multi-lensed instruments: microscopes, telescopes Ch 6
HW #3
25W Mar 27 multi-lensed instruments: microscopes, telescopes   
26F Mar 29 "Free day"   
27M Apr 1
Test on Unit 3 (Chapters 4 & 5)
28W Apr 3 Illusions! lateral inhibition and channel saturation, retinal stabilization, simultaneous contrast, negative afterimages, latency vs. persistence, motion aftereffects, saccades, tremors, drifts Ch 7§3-6 
29F Apr 5 3d depth cues: accommodation, convergence, parallax, binocular disparity, pulfrich effect Ch 8§1-5 
30M Apr 8 more (ambiguous) depth cues; artists' tricks: size, overlay, shadows, coloring (blue for distance), linear perspective (more illusions! Necker cube!), crepuscular rays, anti-crepuscular rays, patterns and EXPECTATIONS! Ch 8§6 

Unit 5

31W Apr 10** Color! RGB system in computers; spectral colors (monochromatic); HSL system Ch 9§1-3 
32F Apr 12 Additive color mixing; R O Y G C B, W K; chromaticity diagram (1931 CIE); partitive mixing Ch 9§4,5 
33M Apr 15 negative color (hints of chapter 10); color gamut of human vision; subtractive color mixing; dependence on light source; CMYK printer colors (dyes, paints, pigments); Ch 9§6,7
HW #4
34W Apr 17 Human vision; opponent processing color theory is not a "red Hering" (bad pun); color "deficiencies", simultaneous color contrast Ch 10§1-6 
35F Apr 19
Test on Unit 4 (Chapters 7-9)
36M Apr 22 soap film "rainbows" aren't! interference of coherent sources; reflections Ch 12§1,2 
37W Apr 24 applications of interference; diffraction gratings; CDs Ch 12§2,3,5 
38F Apr 26 scattering... Ch 12§ 
39M Apr 29 polarization is not about the North Pole! sunglasses and sky Ch 13§ 
40W May 1 Class Cancelled

Special Topic

41F May 3 Holograms Ch §
HW #5
42M May 6 Beginning of Final Review Session
43W May 8 Final Review Session
44 W May 15 FINAL EXAM (confirmed): Wednesday, May 15th 1:30-3:30pm in Phys 1410 Chs. 1-10,12.1-5, 13.? + digital cameras

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