Cosmology Links of interest:

Cosmo Coffee Forum - discuss the latest papers; discuss some moldy ones too!

CMB Links of interest:

CMB analysis J. Borrill's map maker and power spectrum estimator
MSAM/TOPHAT Experiment Home Page
ESA's Planck Experiment Home Page
NASA's WMAP Experiment Home Page
RADPACK CMB Analysis homepage
Wayne Hu's Homepage
Max Tegmark's CMB Analysis Tour
HEALPix Homepage Great for making very pretty pictures (not for IDLphobes) of the sphere, such as for CMB maps; can also analyze full sky quickly. Too bad there are so few full sky maps.
CMBFAST homepage Cl generator and so much more!
CAMB homepage (a local competitor to CMBFAST; quite possibly better than CMBFAST, especially if you need to monkey with the innards)

Galaxy Cluster Links (list in progress...):

Virgo Consortium Simulations

Others at or from UC Davis:

Jochen Weller -- now a lecturer at UCL
Constantinos Skordis -- now at Perimeter Institute
Mike Chu -- now at Goddard
Yong-Seon Song -- now at CfCP Chicago
Ben Gold -- now at Johns Hopkins
Official UCDavis Cosmology site

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