ASTR421: Galaxies - Fall 2012

Prof. Richard Mushotzky

Tue, Thu; 3:30 - 4:45 PM

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Supplementary materials

You'll find suggested solutions for homework below. These are my solutions - there are often more than one way to do it, and I prefer the neat way. You need not replicate these solutions to attain full marks.

The solutions to numerical questions focus on problem solving and may contain additional comments. Even if you obtained the correct numerical answer via another way, it may be useful to see how the problem is solved here.

For essay questions I try to list all the things that you could have discussed. It may not be presented in a format appropriate for an essay. The purpose is for you to see what things you may have missed, or identify misconceptions.

Ask me if there is anything you don't understand. Some solution methods may not be familiar to you. Oh and, if you are coming to see me anyway, you might as well get physical copies from me for easier reading.

Homework 1 (solutions)

Class quiz + Solutions

Homework 2 - with added snippets (solutions)

Phases of the ISM in spiral galaxies (HW2 supplement)

Gas content: ellipticals vs spirals (HW2 supplement)

Homework 3 - with added snippets (solutions)

Midterm - solutions for questions B2, B3, B6

Homework 4 (hint for 4.5, Solutions)

Homework 5 (Solutions to long problems, Comments + short answers)


It is easy to get a full mark on numerical problems, but you can also get a very low one if you don't complete it, or make a weak attempt. On the other hand, it is easy to get an average mark for essays, but you'll need to go the extra mile to get a full mark. I do not have a quota to fill, so the essays are judged only on quality.

My advice is that you ask for help so you get as many marks as you can for the numerical problems, these are giveaways. For essays, I can point you in the right direction, but your discretion is necessary.

Homework 1 marks (excluding class quiz)

Homework 2 marks

Homework 3 marks

Material on this page are supplied by your TA - user discretion is advised!

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