The current version of HNBody is:   1.2.1   (released May 15, 2015)

Some NEWS summarizing significant additions and bug-fixes by release version.

Pre-compiled binary distributions of HNBody are available for a number of platforms; documentation, source code for building customized drivers, and the HNBody SM (SuperMongo) macro library are also included in the package. Full source code to HNBody will be made available at a later date.

Each of the following distributions is independent and self-contained; download only the platform(s) you need. Two download formats are supported: gzipped tar archives (.tgz) and ZIP archives (.zip); the content of each is identical. Unpack the distribution anywhere you find convenient, then consult the HNBody manual (included in the download) for a description of the remaining files and further information about using HNBody.

Platform Description Format Notes
linux-x86_sse2 Linux for 32-bit Intel/x86 .tgz .zip 1,2
linux-x86_64 Linux for 64-bit Intel/AMD64 .tgz .zip 1
macx-x86_sse2 Apple Mac OS X for 32-bit Intel/x86 .tgz .zip 2
macx-x86_64 Apple Mac OS X for 64-bit Intel/AMD64 .tgz .zip  
mswin-x86_sse2 Microsoft Windows for 32-bit Intel/x86 .tgz .zip 2,3
mswin-x86_64 Microsoft Windows for 64-bit Intel/AMD64 .tgz .zip 3
solaris-x86_64 Solaris 11 for 64-bit Intel/AMD64 .tgz .zip  

The documentation alone can also be downloaded as an independent ZIP archive
(but note that links to distribution files and directories will not function, since these are included in the binary distributions only.)

Platform-specific notes

  1. Tested with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7.
  2. Requires a 64-bit CPU or a 32-bit CPU with SSE2 support.
  3. Tested with Windows XP/7/8 (32-bit only for XP).