Cube Stats

Defines the CubeStats_BDP class.

class admit.bdp.CubeStats_BDP.CubeStats_BDP(xmlFile=None)

Holds the plane based statistics of a cube

See CubeStats_AT as an example that computes this table.


mean (real)
sigma (real)
maxval (real)
maxpos (array (of length 2))


delete([delfiles]) Method to delete the BDP.
depends_on_(other) deprecated
get(key) access an attribute
getfiles() return the filename(s) associated with the basic data in a BDP.
haskey(key) Query if a key exists for an AT.
report() report some properties, human readable.
setkey([name, key, init]) set keys, two styles are possible:
show() for now, show the xmlFile name
write([xmlFile]) Method to write the BDP to an xml file

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