Table BDP

Defines the Table_BDP class.

class admit.bdp.Table_BDP.Table_BDP(xmlFile=None, **keyval)

Table Basic Data Product

Table base class for use in BDP’s. BDP’s that contain tables should inherit from this class. In the instance where more than one table is needed then the class should instantiate instances of the Table class directly.


delete([basedir, delfiles]) Method to delete the BDP.
depends_on_(other) deprecated
get(key) access an attribute
getfiles() return the filename(s) associated with the basic data in a BDP.
haskey(key) Query if a key exists for an AT.
report() report some properties, human readable.
setkey([name, key, init]) set keys, two styles are possible:
show() for now, show the xmlFile name
write([xmlFile]) Method to write the BDP to an xml file

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