Manticore  Version 1.0
Physics of Molecular Clouds
Mass and Temperature Fitting of Dust Emission


Welcome to manticore! Manticore solves for the temperature and column density of molecular gas clouds given multi-wavelength infrared maps of the source. The data for each wavelength must be provided in a separate FITS file containing a single HDU (header-data unit), which must include at least the following keywords:

Keyword Contents
BAND band center (microns)
BUNIT map data units (MJy/sr)
OBJECT target object name
TELESCOP facility name

These keywords should naturally be supplemented by coordinate system specifications CRVALn, CDELTn, etc., but these are merely copied to the output and not used during processing. Note also the following assumptions on input maps:

Manticore requires detailed knowledge of the detector bandpass response to process data, encapsulated in the Detector class. The following detectors are supported:

Adding support for a new detector requires creation of a new concrete class and updating logic in to associate it with an input map as appropriate.

Calculations support the use of arbitrary dust opacity models, as encapsulated by the Dust class. Tabular models must be compiled into the program by adding the table to and updating dust::modelMap accordingly. Dust models should be specified for a gas-to-dust ratio of 100.

Manticore Usage

Manticore is a simple command line utility. To see the full list of program options, run manticore -vh (or --verbose --help). At the time of writing, the output was:

Manticore version 1.0, released Feb 09 2018.

Usage:  manticore [OPTIONS] BAND1.fits BAND2.fits BAND3.fits [...]


  -A, --accuracy=RELERR
        Maximum relative error for least-squares fit (default: 1e-2).

  -B, --no-band-output
        Do not append input band data to output FITS file.

  -c, --check
        Generate comparative PACS color correction tables and exit.

  -d, --dust-model=NAME
        Dust opacity model (default: OH5).
        (Available models: OH5)

  -e, --error-map=FILE
        Input FITS error map (BAND and TELESCOP keys must match parent image).

  -E, --error-pct=PCT
        Percent flux error when error map unavailable (default: 3.0).

  -F, --force
        Force overwrite of existing files.

  -g, --gas-to-dust=RATIO
        Gas-to-dust ratio (default: 100.0).

  -h, --help
        Display command line help summary and exit.

  -l, --log-file=FILE
        Redirect log output to FILE (default is stderr).

  -M, --max-iterations=NMAX
        Maximum least-squares iterations per pixel (default: 25).

  -n, --num-bands=NMIN
        Minimum number of bands required for least-squares fit (default: 3).

  -o, --output-file=FILE
        Output result to FITS file FILE (default: mtcore.fits).

  -p, --point-source
        Use point source detector response (default is extended sources).

  -q, --quiet
        Quiet mode; decrement logging level (opposite of -v).
        (Specify multiple times for added effect.)

  -t, --threads=NTHREADS
        Use NTHREADS threads for processing (default: 1).

  -v, --verbose
        Verbose mode; increment logging level (opposite of -q).
        (Specify multiple times for added effect.)

  -V, --version
        Display program version and exit.

Compilation Requirements

To compile, just type make and make docs. The manticore executable will be in the top-level directory, documentation in html/.