Sunrise on Mt. Whitney

Places: Air

Moonrise over Black Rock campground, Joshua Tree National Park, CA (1992/04/18) Dusk comes to Mt. Williamson, San Gabriel Mountains, CA (1992/08/15) Dawn on Mt. Whitney summit, Sierra Nevada Range, CA (1992/09/19) Cirrus rainbow, San Gabriel Mountains, CA (1994/06/04) Near Mt. Baden-Powell, San Gabriel Mountains, CA (1995/06/10) Double rainbow, Aspen, CO (1995/07/01) Comet Hale-Bopp, Toronto, Ontario (1997/04/20) Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton National Park, Alberta (1997/06/07) Sunset over Bishop, CA (2002/06/07) Early morning twilight, Mt. Fuji summit, Japan (2002/07/23) Table Mountain east view, Sierra Nevada Range, CA (2004/09/18) Haleakala summit, Maui, HI (2005/08/04) 10m and 6m dishes, CARMA array, Cedar Flat, near Big Pine, CA (2006/05/05) Hurd Peak, Bishop Pass Trail, Inyo National Forest, near Bishop, CA (2006/07/22) Bishop Pass, Inyo National Forest, near Bishop, CA (2006/07/22)

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