Index of Code Files

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Code FileDescriptionBook Section
adapt.h adaptive quadrature Webnote.4
amebsa.h downhill simplex minimization with simulated annealing Webnote.15
amoeba.h downhill simplex minimization 10.5
anneal.h simulated annealing Webnote.14
arithcode.h compression by arithmetic coding 22.6
asolve.h biconjugate gradient sparse linear solver (example) 2.7
banded.h routines for banded matrices 2.4
bessel.h Bessel functions of integer order 6.5
besselfrac.h Bessel functions of fractional order 6.6
calendar.h calendar routines 1.0
chebyshev.h Chebyshev approximation and related 5.8, 5.9, 5.10, 5.11
cholesky.h Cholesky decomposition 2.9
circumcircle.h circumcircle of three points 21.3
cisi.h cosine and sine integrals 6.8
convlv.h data convolution 13.1
correl.h data correlation 13.2
dawson.h Dawson's integral 6.9
decchk.h decimal digit error check 22.4
delaunay.h Delaunay triangulation 21.6, 21.7
derule.h DE rule for quadrature 4.5
deviates.h random deviates from various distributions 7.3
dfridr.h numerical derivative by Ridders' method 5.7
dftintegrate.h Fourier integrals using FFT 13.9
difeq.h example solving two point boundary problem by relaxation 18.4
distributions.h probability distributions and related 6.14
dynpro.h dynamic programming 10.13
eclass.h find equivalence classes 8.6
eigen_sym.h routines for eigenproblems on symmetric matrices 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4
eigen_unsym.h routines for eigenproblems on nonsymmetric matrices 11.6
elliptint.h elliptic integrals 6.12
erf.h error function and related distributions 6.2, 6.14
expint.h exponential integral 6.3
fasper.h fast evaluation of Lomb periodogram 13.8
fermi.h Fermi-Dirac integrals 6.10
fit_examples.h examples for fitting 15.4, 15.5
fitab.h fit a straight line 15.2
fitexy.h fit a line with errors in both x and y Webnote.19
fitlin.h general linear fit 15.4
fitmed.h fit a line minimizing absolute deviation 15.7
fitmrq.h Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear fitting 15.5
fitsvd.h general linear fit using SVD 15.4
fourfs.h FFT on external storage Webnote.18
fourier.h FFT routines in one dimension 12.2, 12.3, 12.4
fourier_ndim.h FFT routines in multidimensions 12.5, 12.6
fred2.h linear Fredholm equations of the second kind 19.1
fred_singular.h singular Fredholm equations 19.3
frenel.h Fresnel integrals 6.8
gamma.h gamma function and related 6.1
gaumixmod.h Gaussian mixture models 16.1
gauss_wgts.h weights for Gaussian and related quadratures 4.6
gauss_wgts2.h Radau and Lobatto quadrature 4.6
gaussj.h Gauss-Jordan decomposition 2.1
hash.h routines for hash tables and hash memory 7.6
hashall.h hash a large array 7.2
hmm.h hidden Markov models 16.3
huffcode.h Huffman compression 22.5
hypgeo.h hypergeometric function 6.13
icrc.h cyclic redundancy checksum 22.4
igray.h Gray code 22.3
incgammabeta.h incomplete gamma and beta functions 6.2, 6.4, 6.14
interior.h linear programming by interior point method 10.11
interp_1d.h interpolation routines for one dimension 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
interp_2d.h interpolation routines for two dimensions 3.6
interp_curve.h interpolate along a curve 3.7
interp_laplace.h Laplace interpolation on a grid 3.8
interp_linear.h linear interpolation 3.1
interp_rbf.h interpolation by radial basis functions 3.7
iqagent.h estimate distribution function from a sample 8.5
kdtree.h KD-tree routines 21.1, 21.2
kmeans.h k-means classification 16.1
krig.h fitting or interpolation by kriging 3.7
ksdist.h Kolmogorov-Smirnov distribution functions 6.11, 6.14
kstests.h Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests in one dimension 14.3
kstests_2d.h Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests in two dimensions 14.8
levex.h sample program for Levin transformation 5.3
linbcg.h solution of sparse linear system by biconjugate gradient method 2.7
linpredict.h linear prediction 13.6, 13.7
ludcmp.h LU decomposition and related 2.3, 2.5
machar.h probe machine characteristics Webnote.27
markovgen.h Markov model generator 16.3
mcintegrate.h Monte Carlo integration 7.7
mcmc.h Markov chain Monte Carlo routines 15.8
mgfas.h multigrid method full approximation storage 20.6
mglin.h full multigrid method (FMG) for linear equation 20.6
mins.h minimization routines 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4
mins_ndim.h minimization routines in multidimensions 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
miser.h adaptive/recursive Monte Carlo integration Webnote.10
mnewt.h multidimensional Newton root finding 9.6
moment.h calculate moments of samples 14.1, 14.2
mparith.h multiprecision arithmetic 22.7
multinormaldev.h multivariate normal deviates 7.4
nr3.h defines Numerical Recipes classes used by all routines 1.4
odeint.h ordinary differential equations 17.0
pade.h Pade approximants 5.12
pcshft.h shift a polynomial 5.10, 5.11
period.h Lomb periodogram for spectral analysis 13.8
phylo.h phylogenetic tree algorithms 16.4
plegendre.h Legendre functions and spherical harmonics 6.7
pointbox.h geometric point and box 21.1
polcoef.h polynomial coefficients from polynomial values 3.5
poly.h operations on polynomials 5.1
polygon.h geometric polygon 21.4
primpolytest.h test whether a polynomial is primitive 7.5
psplot.h generate a PostScript plot Webnote.26
psplotexample.h generate a PostScript plot (example) 22.1
qgaus.h 10-point Gaussian quadrature 4.6
qotree.h QO-tree routines 21.8
qrdcmp.h QR decomposition and related 2.10
qroot.h Bairstow's method for complex root 9.5
quad3d.h three-dimensional quadrature 4.8
quadrature.h quadrature routines 4.2, 4.4
quadvl.h used in two-dimensional K-S test 14.8
quasinewton.h quasi-Newton or DFP multidimensional minimization 10.9
ran.h random number generators 7.1
ranpt.h used by miser.h Webnote.10
ratlsq.h rational function fitting 5.13
rebin.h used by vegas.h Webnote.9
rk4.h Runge-Kutta integration (pedagogical example) 17.1
rlft3_sharpen.h example using FFT to sharpen an image 12.6
romberg.h Romberg quadrature 4.3, 4.4
roots.h routines for root finding in one dimension 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
roots_multidim.h routines for root finding in multidimensions 9.7
roots_poly.h roots of a polynomial 9.5
savgol.h Savitzky-Golay filters 14.9
scrsho.h plot a function interactively 9.0
selip.h select Mth largest in place Webnote.11
series.h routines for summing a series 5.3
sfroid.h spheroidal harmonics example using relaxation method 18.4
shoot.h two point boundary problem by shooting 18.1
shootf.h two point boundary problem by shooting to a fitting point 18.2
simplex.h linear programming by simplex method Webnote.12
sobseq.h Sobol quasi-random sequence 7.8
solvde.h relaxation solution of ODEs Webnote.25
sor.h successive over-relaxation 20.5
sort.h sorting and related routines 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5
sparse.h sparse matrix routines 2.7
spectrum.h spectral estimation using FFTs 13.4
sphcirc.h geometrical circle or sphere 21.8
sphfpt.h spheroidal harmonics example using shooting to a fitting point 18.4
sphoot.h spheroidal harmonics example using shooting 18.4
stattests.h various statistical tests 14.2, 14.3, 14.4, 14.5, 14.6
stepper.h base class for ODE steppers 17.0
stepperbs.h Bulirsch-Stoer stepper base class 17.3
stepperdopr5.h Dormand-Prince fifth-order stepper 17.2
stepperdopr853.h Dormand-Prince eighth-order stepper Webnote.20
stepperross.h fourth-order stiffly stable Rosenbrock stepper 17.5
steppersie.h semi-implicit extrapolation stepper Webnote.24
stepperstoerm.h Bulirsch-Stoer stepper, second-order equations 17.4
stiel.h Stieltjes procedure for quadrature weights Webnote.3
stochsim.h stochastic simulation of ODEs 17.7
stringalign.h Needleman-Wunsch string alignment 10.13
svd.h singular value decomposition 2.6
svm.h support vector machines 16.5
toeplz.h solve Toepltz linear systems 2.8
tridag.h solve tridiagonal linear systems 2.4, 2.7
vander.h solve Vandermonde linear systems 2.8
vegas.h adaptive/recursive Monte Carlo Webnote.9
voltra.h Volterra integral equations 19.2
voronoi.h construct Voronoi diagram 21.7
wavelet.h wavelet routines 13.10
weights.h differentiation matrix for spectral methods 20.7
zrhqr.h polynomial roots by eigenvalue method 9.5