Current Research Grants

04/07-04/10 Thin Current Sheets and Magnetic Reconnection: Multiscale processes and cross-scale coupling (NASA, PI: A. S. Sharma, $352,438)

09/04-08/08 Modeling the multiscale phenomena of the magnetosphere (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma, $1,072,022 )

03/04-02/08 Multidimensional structure and dynamics of thin current sheets in the magnetosphere (NASA, PI: A. S. Sharma, $305,822)

Past Research Grants

08/03-07/07 Space Weather: Spatio-temporal dynamics during strong solar wind - magnetosphere coupling (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma, $258,806)

06/03-05/07 Runaway Electrons Discharge in a Magnetized Plasma (NSF, PI: G. M. Millikh, $271,350)

06/03-05/06 Modeling Collisionless Reconnection (NSF, PI: M. I. Sitnov, $244,728)

03/03-02/06 Kinetic Theory and Simulation of the Reconnection Onset (NASA, PI: M. I. Sitnov, $297,937)

06/02-05/05 Global and Multi-scale Dynamics of the Magnetosphere: Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling Using time Series Data (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma, $384,000)

02/01-01/04 Nonlocal Kinetic Analysis of Magnetotail Thin Current Sheet Structure and Dynamics During Substorms (NASA, PI: A. S. Sharma, $242,125)

10/00-09/03 Space Weather: Forecasting of Geomagnetic Activity Using Ground-based and Multi-spacecraft (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma)

05/01-02/03 Prediction of the Three dimensional Structure of the Solar Wind at the Earth from L1 Orbit (NASA, PI: A. S. Sharma)

06/99-05/02 Kinetic Equilibrium and Stability Modeling for GGCM (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma)

04/98-03/01 Emission Processes Associated with Solar Type III Radio Bursts (NASA, PI: G. Thejappa, $258,806)

10/97-09/00 Space Weather: Global and Regional Forecasting of Geomagnetic Activity with Nonlinear Dynamical Models (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma)

09/97-08/00 Comprehensive Model of HF Heating and Self-Focusing in the Ionosphere (NSF, PI: G. M. Milikh)

04/97-03/00 Collisionless Shock Phenomena in the Solar Atmosphere: Solar Type II Radio Emission (NASA, PI: G. Thejappa)

12/96-11/99 Nonlinear Modeling and Prediction Using Time Series Data (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma)

02/93-08/97 Dynamical Modeling and Prediction of Substorms and Solar Wind Magnetosphere Coupling (NASA, PI: A. S. Sharma)

12/92-11/96 Nonlinear Modeling and Prediction Using Time Series Data (NSF, PI: A. S. Sharma)

10/91-09/92 Nonlinear Dynamical Studies of the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling (NASA, PI: A. S. Sharma)

10/89-09/91 Plasma Processes at Comet-Solar Wind Interaction (NASA, PI: K. Papadopoulos)

1988-1989 Computer Simulations of the Dynamics of Charged Particles: An Instructional Tool (Apple Macintoch Academic Tool Development Program, PI: K. Papadopoulos)