HONR 219Q Readings

The readings are very important to this course. They will form the basis for the discussion on the corresponding meeting date.

The primary text for this course is Cosmology The Science of the Universe (2nd Edition) [ISBN 0 521 66148 X] by Edward Harrison.
This book gives a thorough explication of both the science and philosophy of cosmology.

The secondary text is Cosmos of the Ancients The Greek Philosophers on Myth and Cosmology [ISBN 978-1-4196-2773-6] by Stefan Stenudd.
This book gives a concise summary of the important ancient Greek philosophers.

The main text is very erudite and rather dense.
A more accessible tale is told in Coming of Age in the Milky Way [ISBN 0-06-053595-4] by Timothy Ferris.

Additional readings will be assigned as appropriate. This page will be updated as they are. Possibilities currently under consideration include

The Case Against Cosmology by Mike Disney
Many lives in many worlds by Max Tegmark

Dark Matter is Dead by Marcus Chown
Does Dark Matter Really Exist? by Moti Milgrom
Battlefield Galactica: Dark Matter vs. MOND by Govert Schilling
Need something unabashedly pro dark matter.

Need something better about Galileo (and Kepler and Copernicus and Tycho) than what is in the text.
AIP web page
Copernicus biography
Brahe biography
Kepler biography
Galileo biography
Galileo Project

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