ASTR 620 - Short Talk Schedule - Fall 2003
Mon 12/8
SpeakerTitlePP or T?
1:30 PMBrennemanSurveying the Components of the Extragalactic X-ray BackgroundT
LauburgN-Body Simulations of Stellar ClustersPP
TengStar Cluters of NGC 7252PP
ZonakFaint Blue Galaxies: Bars and Spiral StructurePP
2:30 PMGrossHigh Redshift Radio GalaxiesPP
CasperColor Separation of Galaxy TypesPP
LavigneThe Charateristics & Distribution of CO & HI in Spiral GalaxiesPP
KoeckertRevealing Dark Matter: Promising methods of WIMP detectionPP
Wed 12/10
1:30 PMWooGalactic Cores and Massive Black Hole BinariesT
LiA relation between SMBH mass and quasar metallicityPP
BovillStar Formation in Low Surface Brightness GalaxiesPP
WinterObservations of the Edge-On Starburst Galaxy NGC 5775PP
2:30 PMZaudererGalactic WarpsPP
McCarthyDetermining the Rotation Curve of the Milky Way from Molecular GasPP
ZeehandelaarEvaluation of gravitational lensing as an indicator of dark matterPP
McGleamFormation of Globular Clusters in Merging GalaxiesPP

Note that class will begin early, at 1:30 PM both Monday 12/8 and Wednesday 12/10.

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