Course Project

Debate: the Values of Cosmic Parameters
H0 | q0 | Ωm | ΩΛ | Ωb | fb | σ8 | n

Topics to Investigate: Observational Constraints

The goal is to learn about observational constraints on cosmological parameters. E.g.,

Also see the extended reference list for further pointers.

A brief discussion combining many of these topics is given by
The Observational Case for a Low Density Universe with a Non-Zero Cosmological Constant
Ostriker & Steinhardt 1995, Nature, 377, 600
I will lead a discussion of this paper to launch our more detailed discussion of the individual observational constraints.

Note that many of the observational constraints often boil down to a statement like "Ωbh2 = 0.019 +/- 0.001." This is the essence of what you're after, though of course you need to understand the method in order to appreciate how the result is obtained and what might go wrong. But we will need something like this as a bottom-line answer for intercomparison of results in the culminating debate.

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