ASTR 688
Observational Cosmology

Spring 2002
MW 2-3:15 PM
CSS 0201

Prof. Stacy McGaugh
office: 1251 CSS
phone: (301) 405-7897

Suggested Texts
Principles of
Physical Cosmology

P.J.E. Peebles

J.A. Peacock

4m telescope at Cerro Tololo with the
Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds.

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Useful Links

NASA's ADS (Astrophysical Data System), an excellent way to search the literature.
XXX e-print archive (astro-ph). Most astronomy papers appear here first as preprints.
e-Journals: ApJ | AJ | MNRAS | A&A | PASP
Level 5, an Extragalactic Kowledgebase at NED.
Google: a good search engine.
Bibliofind, a good resource for finding used and out-of-print books. (This is where I got my own copy of Peebles's textbook.)

Cosmic Perspective