A very incomplete list of links to some of my friends on the web:


Greg Aldering, He Da [SN] Man
Garry Angus, modified microhalo macho man
Erwin de Blok, A frequently flying Dutchman, fellow Yes fan, and LSBG superpundit
Greg Bothun, AKA Nuts, which pretty much says it all
Harry Ferguson, DG, FBG, & HDF expert (an acronym a day keeps NASA at bay)
Samantha Harris, cardio girl
Terry Matilsky, who has his own ideas about gravity
Chris Mihos, Redskins fan and galaxy bashing theorist, but an OK guy in spite of all that
Bryan Miller, Definitely a guy you want on your Ultimate Frisbee team
Karen O'Neil, LSBG pundit and expert radio observer
Rachel Pildis, brains and beauty: smart enough to leave the field
Caleb Scharf, a lad much too smart for his own good
Jim Schombert, volleyball stud and LSBG hunter extrodinaire
Marie Seymour's battle with breast cancer
Eduardo Telles, macho skateboarder and HII Galaxy expert
Joe "Boom" Wolf, ya gotta problem wit dat?


(We know who we are)
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